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Reality Roots
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Big Bang Universe
Our Benevolent Home

The Material Realm of Reality came into existence with the Big Bang

A Continuum of Time its Existence & Space its Form -- The Fabric
Like all things (all entities - beings)
the Universe emerged from the principles of
Existence & Form.
Metaphysics recognizes the pre Bang state as a singularity
of conjugate principles.
From a conjugate pair

Existence & Form
the carrier principle of properties of the Attributes
the properties

Substance, as a carrier principle, brought about the emergence of the Entity called the Universe.
This Entity exhibits the properties of Existence manifested as Time & Form manifested as Space.

Substance, as a principle, manifested as Energy possessing Attributes characterized by the continuum
of Time and the Dimension and Symmetry of Space.


Big Bang


Time & Space


Hubble showed that
Time & Space
are emerging or expanding
faster than the speed of light

Time & Space

Science accepts the Big Bang
as the primary instant of the Universe's nascence. At that instant the Universe emerged with the properties of
Time( the Universe's Existence)
Space (its Form, the Fabric)

From a conjugate pair

Existence & Form
with properties of
Time & Space

Carried by the principle of Substance, maifesting as Energy with Attributes -- Transferring thru waves,
Storing as potential energy, etc. exhibiting many forms,
i.e. matter, force, composites, that make up the numerous Entities of physical, chemical and biological systems.

Einstein showed that
Time & Space
are interwoven, are a conjugate pair. Further, he showed that Energy & Matter are equivalent. He called this
limited to the speed of light

Before the Big Bang

The TimeSpace Material Realm of Reality, "The Universe", is a Continuum,
an Entity, an uninterrupted ordered sequence, which emerged, Metaphysically
from principles of
TimeSpace, Scientifically from a singularity.

The primary emergence concept of this singularity , is the "Big Bang".
Called the Big Bang, not as an explosion, but an instantaneous occurrence.

Einstein, one of the great scientific minds of our time, through the theory of "special relativity", recognized the interwoven (conjugate) relative nature of Time & Space. Relativity became apparent from the mathematics of Einstein and further revealed that Energy manifested in an equivalence in Matter. Einstein called this SpaceTime. Through the theory of "general relativity", Einstein revolutionized the human understanding of the universe as described by Newton and which dominated the scientific view of the physical universe for three centuries.

In the theory days of relativity, the universe was thought to be in a stationary state, eventually to contract upon itself. Einstein's equations confirmed expansion, but the conclusion was too much for his intuition. He modified his equations with what became to be known as the "cosmological constant". Edwin Hubble, in 1928, experimentally
established that the universe was expanding (emergence). Einstein reverted to his original equations agonizing with the statement, "this was the biggest blunder of my life".

What Caused the Big Bang?

Universe, an entity, a thing possessing properties and attributes

Time, an essential property of the Universe which emerges from the principle of "Existence & Form ",
a root of reality. "Time" is the dynamic property
that manifests " Existence" of the Universe.

Space, an essential property of the Universe which emerges from the principle of "Existence & Form ",
a root of reality."Space" is the structure property that manifests the "Form" of the Universe .

Entities manifest through the principle of Substance, the carrier of the entities properties and Attributes, characteristics, such as dimensions, symmetry, etc.

Time & Space

Universe, a continuum of Time which exhibits periods in which events take place and Space as dimensions in which the events occur.

Science, since Einstein's theories, speaks of the Universe as exhibiting the energy manifestation of SpaceTime, four (4) dimensions, three (3) of Space and one (1) of Time. The scientific name SpaceTime infers the entwined relative nature of both Space and Time, the environment that exhibits Energy in many forms transferable through waves that are conjugate pairs of frequency & wavelength.

Human intuitive knowledge of the Universe considers Time & Space as two (2) separate things, not as interwoven or a conjugate inseparable pair. A pair, related metaphysically as TimeSpace or scientifically as Time & Space. Neither Time, nor Space are things. Time cannot exist without Space, nor Space exist without Time.

Birth of a Black Hole


1. The Universe is an Entity, a Thing. Neither Time, nor Space are entities as such like the Universe, but are the properties of the Universe known intuitively. Time is the Existence of the Universe, its dynamic, while Space is its Form or structure

2. The properties of the Universe, is a conjugate pair, TimeSpace metaphysically, or Time & Space scientifically.

3. The properties of the Universe emerged from the roots of reality, Time manifests Existence, essential dynamic property -- Space manifests Form, the essential structural property.

4. The attributes of the Universe are carried by the Substance, the bearer of the both its properties and attributes. The Universe's Substance is Energy. Energy bears the properties, while manifesting the Attributes. Attributes are characterized in the forms of Energy and are further exhibited in equivalence of Matter. Waves are the structure of Space and manifest in Time. Thru this structure Energy transfers. Waves exhibit the conjugate pair relationship in both frequency & wavelength, mathematicaly and in properties.

5. SpaceTime is what describes the manifestation of Matter.

6. Energy is substance, the Essence of the Universe, that occupies the environment of Time & Space, believed to be approximately 70% Dark Energy, 25% Dark Matter and 5% Ordinary Matter.

Other Time Interpretations:

Realist's View -- Sir Isaac Newton viewed time as part of the fundamental structure of the the Universe, a dimension in which events occur in sequence (Newtonian time).

Time Travel View -- "times" persist like frames of a film strip, spread out across the time line.

Gottfried Leibniz & Immanuel Kant view -- time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be traveled.

Other opposing view -- time does not refer to a kind of "container" that events and objects "move through", nor to any entity that "flows", but that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure, together with space and number within which humans sequence and compare events.


Other Space Interpretations:

Sir Issac Newton view -- space is more than the relations between material objects. He concluded, using the bucket argument (water spinning in a bucket) that space must be the result of non-inertial motion relative to space and thus established that space must exist independency of matter.

Immanuel Kant view -- knowledge about space can be both a priori and synthetic (not simply true by meaning of the words in the statement). He did not believe space to be either a substance or relation, but the framework for organizing our experiences.

Gottfried Leibniz view -- space is not an entity that independently exists over and above other matter. Rather space is no more than the collection of spatial relations between objects in the world.

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