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Dynamical Universe
Pervasive Conjugate Pairs


The Universe is an entity, a thing possessing properties and attributes that has emerged from a conjugate pair, and continues in its expansion in the nature of a conjugate pair, frequncy & wavelength.

Time, a dynamic is the essential property of the Universe. As an essential property, Time provides to the Universe the property of its existence.

Space, the form, conjugate partner of Time, is the essential property of the Universe providing its structure.

Like all conjugate pairs neither Time nor Space can act independently, but only act in their conjugate relationship. As such, through the dynamical phenomena of emergence, the Universe exhibits its expansion thru time and expanding space.

Both Newton and Einstein thought that the Universe was static, or that it would expand forever or collapse upon itself. Only recently, in 1928, did Edwin Hubble confirm that the Universe was expanding, and expanding at a rate faster than the speed of light.

The Universe, like all Entities, manifests through the principle of Substance, the carrier of the essential properties (Time & Space), and its Attributes.

The Universe is no different than any metaphysical entity that manifests to become real being of reality , albeit on a much larger scale. Attributes of beings have much in common since real beings of the Universe share the same essential properties of time and space and come from the same universal substance, Energy. That real material beings have similar characteristics (dimensions and symmetry, etc.) should be no surprise, since Energy is the source of the material that makes up all the the material entities of the Universe.

Energy, the substance, is the fundamental building block of all real things in the Universe. All these things of energy, particles, forces, etc., and those material things which have equivalance in energy, emerge to become the multitude of composite entities that humans come to know. They are the many things throughout the universe that come from Energy, including themselves,.

Energy, in its unique relationship as the substance of both the Universe and the real things within the Universe, carries the essential properties of Time & Space. However, the dynamic of emergence that is expanding the Universe possess a minor distinction in its dynamic that manifest material entities. Out of this distinction arises Relativity in SpaceTime.

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Albert Einstein's Special relativity theory was the culmination of the theoretical results and empirical findings from Albert Michelson, Hendrik Lorentz, Henri Poincare and together with the subsequent work of Max Planck, Hermann Minkowski and others.

Scientific Description
Einstein's theories were mathematically expressed in advanced mathematics discipline of tensors.
The mathematics described reality as measured quatities.

In his initial presentation of special relativity in 1905, he expressed these postulates as:
1. The Principle of Relativity – The laws by which the states of physical systems undergo change are not affected, whether these changes of state be referred to the one or the other of two systems in uniform transitory motion relative to each other.
2. The Principle of Invariant Light Speed – "... light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity [speed] "c" which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body, that is, light in vacuum propagates with the speed c (a fixed constant, independent of direction) in at least one system of inertial coordinates (the "stationary system"), regardless of the state of motion of the light source.

Metaphysical Description
The reference to two systems made in the Principle of Relativity is shown in the diagram above. In the column to left, TimeSpace, in its manifestation is a real thing, Universe. Like all real things the Universe has existence (expressed as Time) and form (expressed as Space). The diagram provides the analogy of Existence & Form to Time & Space. From this conjugal pair emerges the Universe.

In the right column, SpaceTime, we see from the diagram the analogy of Existence & Form as the conjugal pair from which emerges Energy. Since the emergence of the Universe and the emergence of Energy share the same Time & Space frame reference, there exists an intertwining of two dynamics, one for TimeSpace and one for SpaceTime sharing the identical essential properties, however manifesting as real different entities, with different characteristics. Relativity is the relationship of the dynamics and form on the one hand that arise from Energy in SpaceTime to that of the dynamic and form emerging the Universe.
(see Relativity page)

However, as was referred above the "form" that energy takes further complicates the relationship. We know from Planck that energy emerges in quantum, in clumps, and from Einstein is limited to the speed of light. From these declarations how can we best describe the characteristics of material things possessing properties of Time & Space and its relativity to Time & Space in the Universe.
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Albert Einstein also wrote at least four papers providing a set of rules that supported the arguments for the equivalence (and transmutability) of mass and energy, for E = mc2

Mass–energy equivalence is a consequence of special relativity. Newtonian mechanics separated energy and momentum. In special relativity, Einstein expressed this relationship in, form of a four vector relativity relationship. This related the time component of energy to the space components, the momentum, in a very complex manner.

Quotation from Wikipedia: " For an object at rest, the energy-momentum four-vector is (E, 0, 0, 0): it has a time component which is the energy, and three space components which are zero. By changing frames with a Lorentz transformation in the x direction with a small value of the velocity v, the energy momentum four-vector becomes approximately (E, Ev/c2, 0, 0). The momentum is equal to the energy multiplied by the velocity divided by c2. As such, the Newtonian mass of an object, which is the ratio of the momentum to the velocity for slow velocities,
is equal to E/c".

This says in essence, that all uniform motion is relative, that there is no absolute, well defined state of rest -- from mechanics thru all the laws of physics, whatever they may be. However, with Special Relativity he also declared that the Speed of Light was absolute, a fixed constant, regardless of the position or motion of the observer or the motion of the light source

In order accommodate gravity into relativity, Einstein provided his General Theory. This theory essentially expressed gravity as a "warping" of space.

Einstein's theories, speaks of the Universe in terms of SpaceTime as having four (4) dimensions, three (3) of Space and one (1) of Time, thusThe scientific name SpaceTime.

Human intuitive knowledge of the Universe considers Time & Space as two (2) separate things, not as interwoven or a conjugate inseparable pair. A pair, related metaphysically as TimeSpace for the Universe and scientifically as SpaceTime with regard the material things within the Universe. Neither Time, nor Space are things. Time cannot exist without Space, nor Space exist without Time.

Material things come, manifest from a conjugate pair as an entity, through Energy, the substance of all material things in the Universe. Their essential properties of existence (Time) and form or structure (Space) are rooted in the Time & Space of the Universe. Thus, each material entity has relativity to the same essential properties of the Universe (TimeSpace). However, we have come to learn (Planck) that energy manifests in Quantum.
(see SpaceTime page)

The Detailed Known Universe
Universe: Existence - Form Analogy
thimble bucket Pool Lake Ocean
Thimble Bucket Pool Lake Ocean

From the Big Bang arrowthe Universe Expands

All the Energy of the Universe contained in SpaceTime today (ocean) was contained at the beginning (thimble), at the instant of the Big Bang. This is true for two reasons:
1. Energy does not take up space
2. Conservation laws state that Energy can not be created or destroyed, what was contained at the beginning is the same quantity today.

Neither Existence (Time) nor Form (Space)(structure) can be perceived (sensed) directly, but is known intuitively (experienced) in their effect.

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