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Reality Roots
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TimeSpace -- the Metaphysical Entity

The Universe is an entity, a thing possessing properties which emerges its substance, (see philosophy- emergence) energy from a conjugate pair of Time & Space. The emergence of energy enables the Universe's expansion. (Note: diagram to right)

Time, a dynamic is an essential property of the Universe. As an essential property, Time provides to the Universe the property of its existence.

Space, the form, conjugate partner of Time, is the essential property of the Universe providing its structure.

Like all conjugate pairs neither Time nor Space can act independently, but only act in their conjugate relationship. So as Time is the dynamic of the Universe, Time provides the essential property that gives the Universe existence. Space, the conjugate partner is the essential property that gives Form to the Universe in its structure of three dimensions. Like all essential properties, through the dynamical phenomena of emergence does substance provide the carrier of the essential properties and provide its attributes. Thus it is with the Universe, Time is the dynamic of existence, Space is the form or structure of the Universe and Energy is the substance which is the result of the emergence of TimeSpace.

Both Newton and Einstein thought that the Universe was static, or that it would expand forever or collapse upon itself. Only recently, in 1928, did Edwin Hubble confirm that the Universe was expanding and expanding.

The Universe, like all Entities, manifests through the principle of Substance, the carrier of the essential properties (Time & Space), and which provides its Attributes. Thus Energy is the Substance of the Universe, with the capability to manifest if many different forms.

The Universe is no different than any metaphysical entity that manifests to become a real being, albeit on a much larger scale. Beings differ by their existence and by form. However, beings of the human Universe much in common, since these real beings share the same essential properties of time and space and come from the same universal substance, Energy. That real material beings have similar characteristics (existence, dimensions, symmetry, etc.) should be no surprise. Energy is the Universal Substance and source of the matter and things of matter that makes up all the the material entities of the Universe.

TimeSpace -- the Physical Thing

TimeSpaceTime & Space


This conjugate pair may be expressed in terms of
Frequency & Wavelength
Time & Space
Existence & Form

The Shape of Time

Time & Space are in an inertial frame of reference, that is, in a state of constant, rectilinear motion with respect to each other of which neither is accelerating as referenced to their state.

Further, that state is homogeneous, that is the same or of a similar nature, meaning that of having a uniform structure throughout. The state is also isotropic, uniform in all orientations.

Energy, the substance, is the fundamental building block of all real things in the Universe. Science tells us that Energy of the Universe manifests in a multitude of forms. Further, that Energy exists in three basic Forms, Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Ordinary Matter (see Science- Energy). Further, that all things of human knowledge consist of Ordinary Matter, namely, matter particles, forces, and the multitude of composite entities that humans come to know, including themselves, are some form of Ordinary Energy/Matter.

TimeSpace is the expression of a conjugate pair, the iteration of the properties of the Universe. According to the metaphysical principles of Being, TimeSpace represents the Existence & Form that manifests the Being of the physical Universe and brings about its reality. Thus Time is its existence and Space, its structure. Further, this manifestation is a continuum expressed in the structure of a wave and brings the foundation from which all the things in the Universe find their fundamental form, the Shape of Nature.



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