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Reality Roots
Shape of Nature
Nature's Symphony from the Vibrating Waves of TimeSpace
Dancing Entities to the Rhythm of Emergence
"Classical" Systems Waltzing on Space Waves Turbulent Jitterbug Particles in "Quantum" Time

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Theory: a belief that can guide behavior as a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect
of the natural world, organized as a system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of
circumstances, to explain a specific set of phenomena.
(pl. phenomena , phenomenonas :1. any extremely unusual or extraordinary thing or occurrence.
2. any event, circumstance, or experience that is apparent to the senses and that can be scientifically described or appraised.
3. Kantian philosophy, thing as it appears in perception or what is experienced, as distinguished from what the thing is in itself.
Scientific Theory of EveryThing Philosophical Theory of EveryThing
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Reality of EveryThing
Humans, intuitively, understand "Things".
Further, they understand that all Things are different.
What they don't understand is:

1. How are they different?
2. What makes them different?
3. Why are they different in their many ways?


These are complex questions which humans have attempted to understand,
to understand from three (3) different disciplines.

Religion -- Philosophy -- Science

No one of these disciplines can answer completely the questions above.
Even collectively they have not sufficiently and successfully explained...
Complexity of Reality

The Why - The What - The How......answers that lie within Nature.
Humans, in spite of centuries of effort and advances of knowledge
have yet to attain the capacity to understand Nature in its complexity.

Complexity: the quality of being intricate and compounded.

Nature is intricate within the immeasurably small particles of the Quantum World.
To the other extreme, Nature is compounded in the enormity of the billions
of Stars & Galaxies beyond Human discovery.
Difference as Opposites

* The Theory of Everything can only be answered when
Three (3) disciplines defined below are shown to be
Semmetrical *

Religion centers on Creation & God.
(Emergence of Finite Symmetrical from Absolute)
Philosophy focuses on Things as Beings of Existence.
(Symmetry: Inseparable--Conjugate Pairs -- Structure--Process--Motion)
Science stresses Functional & Quantity Mathematics.
(Symmetry: Unseparable--

Religion through revelation, describes the beginning of EveryThing
as a Creation brought about by an Infinite Almighty God.
A God, who created the Heavens and Earth and EveryThing.
God separated the darkness from the light, then prepared a Garden of Eden.
From the dirt of the Garden He created Adam and from Adam's Rib made Eve.
Further, because of the sin of the forbidden fruit of the Garden
Adam & Eve were driven from the Garden to the World of today.

To the present day some Humans hold this belief,
a belief they say is supported by the written word of the Bible, to be the Truth.

Further, some believe that this took place as recent as 6000 or 7000 years ago,
that evolution is not the process by which the various specie of life come about.

Philosophy attempts to understand Things as Beings.
Beings of Existence in their various States of Existence & Forms.


Conjugate Pair understood as a Unit
Process & Structure united as Identity

Primarily in the States of Difference
Identity -- Distinction -- Difference


Science, like Philosophy, attempts also to understand Things
in the context of the relations of States.

enumerates States as Functional Transformations (Matrices)
in Three (3) basic processes...

Injective -- Bijective -- Surjective
(See: Science "String Theory" Page for details)

The consideration of Functional Transformations, as in Set Theory
attempts to provide a mathematical process in sequence of Nature.
"String Theory" is a sequence theory in an effort to reveal Reality in the context of:

Quantity & Quality

, through Mathematics, rationalizes Reality by exhibiting...
in terms of mathematical constraints, to be Structure...
on the other hand employs mathematical functions to reconcile Process.
and Quality equate Symmetrically -- Balance.

Thus, Science, In the the context of of Mathematics, employs several mathematical disciplines in expressions of Quantity (structure) and Functions (process) ...
arithmetic - algebra - trigonometry - geometry - calculus - matrix

(Matrices use set theory as an enclosure within which domains originate or develop)
in a diligent effort to understand Nature.

Mathematics is like learning a new language. In fact, it is even more difficulty
for it is not as intuitive as communicating
in images, through sounds and alphabetic characters.

In the context of Quality, Proportionality reigns.
Balance is the functional equality between Pairs, i.e. between States of difference.
As pairs process in balance, equality is obtained and
Quality of Identity emerges.
( Behavior is the range of actions and mannerisms made by individuals, organisms, systems, or artificial entities in conjunction with themselves or their environment, which includes the other systems or organisms around as well
as the (inanimate) physical environment. It is the response of the system or organism to various stimuli or inputs, whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary)

Philosophy considers these functions as...
Identity -- Distinction -- Difference
Injective -- Bijective -- Surjective

Philosophic Thing---------Scientific Thing
Thing of Process Thing of Structure
(See "Shape of Nature")

A primary difficulty rises in understanding the essence of a State of Existence.
Existence is the process of an Absolute Identity (Identity converged in Unity).
however, is the process of a Finite Identity (paired opposites in Bioty).



State of Existence
Limited Divergent Process Unity by convergence
( Diameter)



State of Bioty
Divergent Pair Energy convergence of Opposites

This is evident in Science's definition of the Universe in terms of
Time & Space and Energy & Matter.

Time at best, does not define the essence of Existence,
rather the duration of
Existence process, a divergent process, separated in the incremental change of Time.

Existence of Things of the Universe (Matter) are
unseparable conjugate pairs of

Two increment Time

WaveParticle Bioty
One increment Time
Wave Pairs of

Two increment Time
Structure Of Matter & Process

"Particle & Wave" --
Structure & Process
Potential Energy
Pair Particle Unity -- Potential Energy ("Bioty Matter") may be understood as...
Identity (convergence) of Matter
(Wave Pairs of Opposites)
Scientifically reconciled in symmetry (convergence / divergence)
Dominance of Structure

Wave Pair
Pair Process Unity -- Dynamic Energy ("Bioty Energy ") may be understood as...
Identity (convergence) of Energy
(Wave Pairs of Opposites)
Scientifically reconiled in symmetry (convergence / divergence)
Dominance of Process

Sports Analogy of Symmetry
Convergent Identity
(Bosons are Fields limited by Structual Bounderies)
Baseball -- Football -- Basketball
Field ------- Field ------- Court
(Symmetry of Fields: Opposite Ends of Fields)
Opposite Sidelines

Identity Symmetry --Matter
(Fermions are Matter by Symentrical Opposites)
(Particles / AntiParticles - Atoms: Protons / Electrons)
(Molecules: Covalent Bonds - Atomic Orbital Bonds)
(Neural Networks: Neurons -- Conscious/Sub-Conscious)

Pitcher / Catcher -- Batter / Fielder
Base / Ball Foot / Ball --Glove -- Ball
Opposite Baskets -- Ball / Basket

Opposite Pocession - Opposite Teams - Opposite Positions

Identity Symmetry -- Process
(Divergence / Convergence)

Players (Divergent Matter) play the Game (process) to converge to Score.
Baseball -- Score Runs by circle bases
Football -- Score converge to Goal line Goal Post
Extra Point upper section of the Goal post
Goal Post are symmetrical

(Space / Time)
Space -- Structure ------------Time -- Process

No Field -- Court / No Game
No Players / No Game

Time proceeds in an orderly manner when
the process is convergent in unity,
Teams score and win.
Process in Emergence
Time proceeds in different ways when the
process is divergent seperated,
Players and Teams going theirown way.
Process in Chaos

Theory of Everything
Every Thing is the inevitable consequence of Difference
conjugate pair
& unseparable)
Unity of Oneness
by Convergence
See "Shape of Nature " page for explanation of inseparable & unseparable.

Reality understood in States of Opposites
of Opposite in EveryThing

Absolute Symmetry Finite Symmetry
Unity by Convergence Unity by Convergent Pairs
Existence by Process Process by Convergent Pairs
Structure by Limits Structure by Convergetn Pairs

See "Difference Theory"
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