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Reality Roots
Shape of Nature
Nature's Symphony from the Vibrating Waves of TimeSpace
Dancing Entities to the Rhythm of Emergence
"Classical" Systems Waltzing on Space Waves Turbulent Jitterbug Particles in "Quantum" Time

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Shape of nature
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"Reality of Functional Things".
Units of Identity processing Structures.

There are many definitions and interpretations describing Nature:
The Cosmos, Creation, Existence, Macrocosm, Natural Phenomenon,
The Universe and of course the Wild, Wild World
......and many, many additional descriptions describing the complexity
of the proportionality of

The page which describes the "Theory of Everything"
defines Identity to be a Unit, "Oneness".
Having said that, it seems appropriate to say
"Nature is defined as: a collection of Things, Identities.
Things with the attributes of Structure in Process."
Identity of
Absolute Finite
Absolute Identity Finite Infinite Identity
Identity of Process Identity of Structure
Pairs in Process as Structure of
Identity of Process -- the Builder
Identity of Structure -- that which is Built

A more fundamental definition for the "Identity of Structure" may be expressed as:
"Reality of Pairs"
Process & Structure as in Immaterial & Material,
process within a Thing and between Things.
"Two (2) Structural Pairs Relating as Opposites -- Matter
Functioning in Three (3) Fundamental Fields as Pairs "

Unit of Identity

(For Example: a graphic analogy,
Circle with internal Identities -- Diameters & Radii)
Distinctive Internal Identities,
Structures that are Proportional.
"Inseparable pairs
(by limits) of a Thing's Nature", its process.
(For Example Diameter: not able to be separate, as a conjugate.)
Distinctive Identities --- Internal Structures

Different Identities -- Structure external & between Things.
"Unseparable Pairs of a Thing's Nature", its form.
(For Example Radii: pairs of opposites)

Conjugate Pair as "One"
understood to have Unity
(pair that cannot be separated)
a pair by its ends as limits
(Analogy: A line that is One length, but a pair
by the Two ends of line -- Diameter of a Circle)

Conjugate Pair as "One"
understood to have Unity

(pair that cannot be separate)
a pair by opposites as limits
(Analogy: A line that is One length, but a pair
by the Two opposites of its ends -- Radii of a Circle)

Circle of Identity
Circle Identity
Process -- Structure
Functional Matter
"conjugate pair"
Particle-Wave: Fundamental Unit of Matter




Particle Wave




Resonant Cavity
Particle as Structure -- Wave as Process.
Resonance: a vibration of large amplitude produced as the natural frequency of a resonating structure.
Three Fundamental Fields Nature

Identity - Energy - Matter

Four Increments -- Two Opposite Pairs
Structure Of Matter

1. -X to -Y --- 2. -Y to X
Circle Structure
3. X to Y --- 4. Y to -X

Science defines each Segment as an Integer”.
1. Particle Wave Identity
        2. Particles & Anti Particles inhabit 1/2 Integer,
half (1/2) segment each.

3. Matter, a pair, inhabits 2 Integers as opposites
of two (2) segments.
4. Bosons inhabit Two (2) Integers, two (2) segments,
as a pair of two (2) segments of opposites.

Gravity inhabits Four (4) Integers, four (4) segments.
Split Sphere
1 2 3 4

(See "Space" page for details)
Immaterial Space, Three Fields of Nature as pictured above (left -- Energy).

Identity Field -- Energy Field -- Matter Field
(See Images below)

In the Quantum World, Fields are named Bosons --- Particles are named Fermions.
Bosons & Fermions are resident in increments of Time according to their Nature .

Identity Field

Identity Field is a Boson field, a product of divergent Space,
structured as a unit of convergence Space.
(Divergent Space is infinite, the summation of all of its infinite derivatives.
Each derivative is an increment of infinite Divergent Space, wherein exists the Convergent increment of Identity.)

Infinite Divergent Increments
Each Divergent Increment is a place holder for
Infinite Possible Convergent Identities

Unity, from the functional force of Gravity, is the attribute of Identity. .
Gravity, whose Nature is Force Energy, functions like a proportional Boson Field.
The magnitude of the Force is proportional to the Fermion mass inhabiting the field.
As such, Fields of Identity may be infinite in quantity
and may contain infinite distinctive Identities.

Fields configure in Two (2) integers
(as above) of Universe's DNA.
Bosons are not deterministic, rather are proportional.
As such, multiple
Bosons may share the same Space.
Bosons Fields are coexistent in three (3) different ways.
1). Symmetrical Waves, waves in phase and waves in proportion, are additive
2). Non-additive Symmetrical Waves may occupy the same space by phase shift.
(Maximum phase angle is perpendicularity, 90 degrees)
3). Waves that are asymmetrical or Waves of different wave-length, may share Space.

See Energy Field below

Matter Field
Structure -- Quantity
(Matter, Potential Energy as explained above, is both a Particle & Wave:
Particle as Structure is deterministic in its nature, that is, in retains its shape as Structure which takes up Space.
Particle as Process, is a Wave of proportionality resident in a magnetic field.
Thus, the field may change its shape while the structure retains its shape ).
Fermions are a pair of Opposites -- Particle (+ charge) & Anti-Particle (- charge).
Fermions occupy a Two (2) integer Field in Universe's DNA.
Fermions are deterministic, that is,
Fermions are fixed in their nature and as such,
do not change in their nature as
Particle to Anti-Particle and do not share space.

Fermions are Matter -- Potential Energy -- Wave-Particle.
(In quantum mechanics, the Schrödinger equation is a partial differential equation that describes how the quantum state of a physical system changes with time. It was formulated in late 1925, and published in 1926, by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger. The general derivation of the Schrödinger equation demonstrate the mathematical plausibility for describing wave–particle duality.)

Further, although Fermions are deterministic in their nature,
that does not preclude their proportionality as a unit of matter.
Fermions may change their shape while maintaining their deterministic relationship.


Energy Field
Process -- Quality

Energy Field is a Boson Field which provides the process force and resultant movement of Structure and biological life maintenance of all Universal Identities.
In essence Energy is the Work Force for the Universe.
To the human mind Energy, for the most part, is a mystery.

Process is a mystery which humans comprehend in a very limited manner.
We understand Process not in its essence, but rather in its effect.
These are the effects of biological life, in movement and acceleration of Matter.
Process may function in many forms, i.e., both dynamically, such as heat and
potentially as in Matter's nature.

Science recognizes Energy Waves as Bosons (See above as Gravity).
Wave Energy takes many Forms, but essentially Process functions in three(3) Forms.
1. Divergent --- 2. Convergent --- 3. Emergent

Process in Absolute Form can be understood as "inseparable"
Form (convergent) as a functional process unit as Existence.
Process in Finite Form functions as "unseparable"
Form (divergent) as a pair as Energy.
Emergence is a process by which convergent forms change,
that is, become different convergent Things -- divergent process.

Energy Identity Matter
Energy Cirdle Matter_Bioty"2d" presentation
Energy consists of a
pair of Fields in opposite orientation at 180 degrees rotating in opposite divergence
Identity is a divergent Field of angular momentum maintaining "Oneness" Matter consists of Two (2) pairs of opposites. Potential Energy exhibiting [( + - ) polarity]
resident opposite pairs in Magnetic Field



Structure Identity Difference

Internal Structures
relating in two (2) ways.
Resonant Cavity
Energy Field


Structure of Oneness
Defined by
Limits of Difference
Contiguous Structure
No Beginning - No End

Identity relating to Identity
defines a structure of Difference.
The process functions
as Pairs:

Divergence to Convergence
Convergence to Divergence
Death or Decay

(Note: the diagrams above are two dimensional -- Reality is three dimensional)
The functionality of Resonance can be seen in any room that contain Things.
"Room" is the name for an Identity of Space (Place) in which Three (3) immaterial pairs define that limit.
The Things of Matter within the Room are the Pairs of Potential Energy that occupy the Space.
Movement within the Room is the process of Identities.
Each of these Identities of Matter are the summation of the contingent parts
(Distinctive pairs) of these Identities.
Structure can be understood to be an Identity of Two (2) pairs functioning in Three (3) pairs of Space, while process in the Bioty of Energy and Two (2) increments of Time (change).
The relationship of "Inseparates and Unsepartes" in the limits of Space.

(Pictures Below)
The separated structure, pictured as Frequency, is recognize as Energy.
The segments are in a State of Divergence (Bioty).
The closed structures, pictured as Particles, is recognized as
Matter (potential energy).
The segments are in a State of Convergence (Unity).

The simplicity of this definition of Nature is summarized in the concept of
Two (2) way relation, functioning in Three (3) ways.

(inseparably & unseparably)
However, the complexity of the structural process is overwhelming.

The simplicity lies in the expression, "Thing".
The complexity begins with the questions, "What is a Thing?" and
"What and How does a Thing and Things process or function?".

(See: "Theory of Everything" --- Difference)
The simplicity of Structure of Nature is defined in "Difference",
the difference of the State of a Thing & the State between Things.
There are "No Two Things alike" every Thing is different.
Difference is "fundamental" and a conjugate pair.

A pair that cannot be separated and relates as opposites.
"Difference defines both: Two (2) relating Things,
Three (3) functional methods".

The video below demonstrates mechanical resonance at sound frequency.
Similar process is functional in all Things at substantially higher frequencies,
particles - cells -- minds, etc.

Resonance is the source of structures.
Evolution: the process by which all Things of Structure rise in the Universe,
both in Matter and Immaterially (mind).


The video below is presented by Professor Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University.
The video is a dissertation to explain the phenomena of Emergence & Complexity.
The presentation is lengthy, but well worth the time.
It should be noted that the Professor's references to "Fractal" genes can be understood as rising structures of Distinctions
that come about in the functionality of energy in resonance.
Further, he notes the advancements in "Swarm" Intelligence
which comes about from difference in what the Professor explains
in the simplicity of "Attraction & Repulsion".

(Note: The human mind can be understood as a Resonant Cavity from which rises
structures of Knowledge. Knowledge can then, through the function of emotions,
in the difference of pairs i.e. acceptance & rejection etc., become structures of
beliefs. Beliefs can take many structural forms, but can only be considered true
when the Knowledge Structures conform to the truth in Nature though judgment.)


Shape of Nature
"Two Things"

Existence & Form -- Time & Space -- Structure & Process
Fermions & Bosons -- Up Quarks & Down Quarks -- Particles & Antiparticles
Positive Charges & Negative Charges -- North Pole & South Pole
Protons & Electrons -- Atoms & Molecules
Convergences & Divergence -- Velocity & Acceleration
Up & Down -- Forward & Backward -- Left Side & Right Side

(Get it?)

Laws of Nature Rules Reality
Conjugate pair which governs Structure & Process.
Principle of Reality
Two (2) Things that relate.

Expressed in Two (2) Related Structural States
functional in Three (3) ways

Absolute --- United Structure & Existence
Existence (functioning process) whose conjugate pair is Structure
united in Infinite Oneness.

Finite --- Separated Structure & Existence
Energy (pseudo process for existence)separate as a pair of opposites,
yet united as a conjugate pair with Structure, as a pair of opposites.
united in Finite (limited) Oneness & manifested in Two (2) Proportional States:
Materially and Immaterially.

Expressed in Two (2) Process States
1. Absolute Existence (Oneness in deterministic process) perpetual Existence.
2. Finite Changing Existence (Time, Parts in proportional process balance )
a Terminating Existence.
Relating Three (3) Process Ways of Difference
Material -- Biological -- Mental

Absolute.... Difference pair defining Oneness in limits of Existence....Infinite Identity
Finite....Difference pairs, parts (distinctions) of infinite possibilities defining
Existence as Energy pair in Time
....Finite Identity

Principle of Reality: Three (3) Things that relate.
Identity - Energy - Matter
Things of the Universe

Process Time \ Space Structure

Process is action, such as, movement, change, velocity, acceleration, direction, etc., which terminates in
place, position, posture or condition.

Process may also be understood to be a "State of Process -- Existence".

Universal Change of Process is proportional.
Proportionality is the magnitude of
a divided part, as the ratio of the
Total Quantity
Proportionality describes Structural Relationship.

Further, Process takes three (3) structural forms -- Convergence & Divergence
from which rises Emergence


Distinctions are separated parts of a Finite Identity that change proportionally.


Structure is the property of place, position or posture.
Universal Change of Structure is Quantitative.
Quantitative process is the action, movement or change of the
Total Quantity
Quantitative describes Identity.

The limits of difference defines the Structure of a Thing.

A Thing becomes Finite matter, Potential Energy (Potential Structure) through the deterministic characteristic of Difference.


Identities are Finite Things
that change as whole quantities. They are separated in infinite possibilities

The place, position, posture, way or condition
things relate proportionally with respect to the attributes of Identities.

The Things of the Universe are the Structures of a Changing Reality.
All things of the Universe expand from the Roots of Time & Space,
which is understood to be the conjugate pair of the Universe's Existence and Form,
as Energy & Matter.
Space is the root of Structure,
Time is the root Process of changing Structures.

The process of the Universe and the Things within the Universe
process in an organized manner according to the Laws of Nature.
The Laws of Nature are understood to be conserved, that is, not to change.
Thus, when the Universe and the Things within the Universe
process in Stable (conserved) unchanging State
they are said to be in balance of Structural State or in Process Equilibrium.
Examples: Attributes of Conditions are best understood in the proportionality of Bad or Good,
that is, in a negative or positive emotion in immaterial things,
while with material things to be in a condition of Entropy.
Thus, Conditions of Equilibrium (Balance) can be said to be a deterministic condition of "Order",
while Conditions of Imbalance can be said to be a proportional condition of "Disorder".
Order is the "Balance State", Disorder is unbalance.
Such disorder may also be exhibited in a condition in too much of a Good Thing.


The human concept of Good & Bad by no means is a new concept. Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher
famous for the Socratic Method, promoted the concept of the "Good Life" based in virtues, (principles) of

Courage - Temperance - Prudence - Justice.(immaterial structure)
Virtue is Moral Process which Aristotle declared "Wisdom".

Moral process
the functional process which brings about the immaterial structure,
Knowledge: whose conjugate pair is Behavior.
(knowledge, the structure, directs the process, Behavior)
Humans understand the functionality as
the proportional properties of Good & Bad.

in the process of rationalizing, difference (Good & Bad), through Emotions
chooses in judgment the moral direction.

2. Pairs of Process exhibit vectors of opposites in three (3) functions:
a.) Duplication...Mitosis, of Identity...copy or expand...Universe

b.) Reproduction...two units of opposites in likeness convergence...progeny
c.) Emergence...two or more units of opposites in unlike convergence...evolution.

3. Things possess the property of "Structure" by virtue of the 4th concept above:
segmented series - limits - opposites process (divergence & convergence) - Shape

Energy, Wave process , (Inseparable conjugate pair).
Functional Bioty -- Two Pairs of Opposites in two (2) increments of Time relate as: .
Wave of Opposites
Sequence of Change (repetition)
"Time" (deterministic process) - Space (proportional place holder)
Time, the increments of Change is pair.
Process of Time Duplicates as divergence.
Replicating (Internal Difference, Distinctions) as opposites
Understood as Emergence in Evolution i.e. Growth, Knowledge, Species, etc. Internally.
Externally as in Construction, Production, etc.
Understood as Decay in opposite process i.e. Death, Decomposition, etc. Internally.
Externally as Disassembly, Wrecking, etc. Externally.

Time & Space, Identity of conjugate pair of the Universe,
define the process
(Time) and place (Location) of the Existence of Identities.
Space is defined by the limits of
Identity (opposites) emerging as the "Identity of Place",
an inseparable pair by its limits and understood in its
Place, the State wherein emerges Structure of the many Things of the Universe.

Time is defined by the sequence of its limits as a pair. Like Energy it is an Identity of
Time is the increments by which Energy processes,
"Identity of Change"

Much of the understanding of Nature has been revealed through the great minds of the past.
These minds, date back to the early Greeks, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, to the modern thinkers,

such as Newton, Schrodinger & Einstein.
These giants of science achieved through calculus, as developed by Newton & Leibniz, and
by Einstein, through his use of Matrix Math, to gained great insight into the
Structure, Process & Relationship
(TimeSpace relativity) of Nature
according to the Nature's Laws.

Set theory, a contribution of Mandelbrot, attempts to explain what philosophy has revealed
in the Three (3) functions of... Difference-Identity-Distinction.
Set theory equates Identity, as Injective functions, Distinctions, as Surjective functions
and Difference, as Bijective functions.
Topology describes the interrelation or arrangement of constituent parts.

( Topology, the branch of pure mathematics that deals only with the properties of every figure
which can be transformed with a one-to-one correspondence that is continuous in both directions)

Thus Topology gave rise to the concept of Fractals.
Fractals examine the difference in the context of internal and external surfaces.

The complexity of the system of Nature has spurned the enormous variety of the scientific disciplines,
challenging the mind of human beings. Our curiosity will never be satisfied till in death,
hopefully, we humans can gain our true existence.

Finite Bioty

Force -- process of Mass, Energy
Proportional Process -- State of Balance an action by, between and within Things: Relativity

Relativity:"Structure in Process, internal and external,
the propensity of action toward balance in State of Opposites".

Things are the effect of Difference
Ubiquitous – Pervasive – Deterministic
Ubiquitous: Present everywhere
Pervasive: spread throughout Reality
Deterministic: Inevitable consequence manifested as:


1. Space, the Identity of Place, limits (encloses) the process,
the structural Identities of the pairs of Matter.
2. The functioning of Matter within structure is the effect of the pair of Energy,
Changing in increments of Time across the Field of Space
3. Matter, Potential Energy, as well as Time is deterministic in its nature,
that is, it is fixed in its relative structure, while process, Energy,
is a proportional pair of opposites in its nature
The Three Fields coexist without interference because they are perpendicular.
Perpendicularity affords maximum difference,
while supporting and maintaining derivative compatibility between fields.


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