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Reality Roots
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Real Beings are the Things in a Reality
To reiterate what was said on the "Reality Revealed" page, the word Reality does represent the most comprehensive concept to have challenged the human mind. A concept, so comprehensive, that it encompasses all real things that exist, have existed or will exit in the future, in any and all Reality systems. That said, the number of Reality systems can be unlimited, even though unlimited may not be an eventuality or that the human mind may not be able to grasp the enormity of unlimited.

Things, the Entities, Identities, the Real Beings of the System humans call Reality are dynamic. Their relations process in a System.

Humans are intimately aware of but very few things. These are the things that reside on the planet Earth. The variety of these things is vast in number and structure. However, most significant is the biological beings.
Biologic Beings are classified in three(3) groups, Vegtable, Animal and Human. All biolocical Beings share their nature based in the roots & cells.

Only recently has the inhabitants of Earth succeeded in landing a sizeable vehicle on the close planet Mars to investigate the things that may reside on that planet. They hope to discover from the remnants some form of biological life.

Astronomers and Astrophysics tell
us that there are billions and billions
of Stars. Things like Earth's Sun
glowing brightly in the skies.
However, what we can observe
with the naked eye is very limited.

They also tell us that these Stars collect in billions of groups to form billions of galaxies.
These are
things that are associated with a Reality which we call the Universe
of TimeSpace.

One can only wonder how many
other Reality systems may exit
and what may be the nature
of their inhabitants,
the real nature of these Things.
From where do Things come?

Religious teaching claims that all that exists, in the Universe of TmeSpace or otherwise, was created by a Supreme Being. Whatever is the factual truth no one really knows, however, be that what it may, the great minds down through the centuries have, through speculative reasoning, developed a metaphysical philosophy. A philosophical discipline focused on the principles of being, principles from which things come about.

These principles state that all things, no matter in what Reality they exist, come from
Existence & Form
to emerge as
Substance with Attributes.
What determines their Nature?

Through the metaphysical principle of being
we learn that all being, things, come out of Existence and Form to emerge as Substance. Substance is what makes up, constitutes
the entity that has emerged. The substance
is the carrier of properties brought about
through emergence by duplication and replication, namely, its existence,
the process and structure, the form.

Thus, the Entity will take on a Nature as determined in its Act of Existence and its Structure together with whatever Attributes are consistent with that Substance.
Further, the properties also determine the perfection of the nature of the substance.


Dynamics of Conjugate Pair in Symmetry
Real Things Emerge From Pairs
Have Shape & Move (process)
fundamentally as Structure / Process

Prominent in Nature

Motion Inherent in Things
Change Personified in Things

The single most prominent characteristic within all the things of Reality is motion. Inherent in motion is the ever prominence of change. However, human perception does not senses the magnitude of motion ever present in reality.

Each morning we rise from the stillness of the night, hopefully rested, to enable us to address the business of the day. From a motionless bedroom we set out, to scurry about, unaware of the motion that prevails throughout.

In the progress of a bustling day, as measured by time, we sense that it is the Sun that rotates around us. Rising in the East at dawn, warming the Earth with its radiation, inevitably, in the evening, to set in the West. We humans are at rest, so it must be the Sun that is moving above us. Human sensitivity to motion seems counter to our desire to be at rest and relaxing. The speed of the massive Sun is not something we want to think about and we rarely do. We are , however, quite cognizant of the things around us and to their permanence. Most things are not moving relative to each of us and when things move we are very aware to take care that they do not crash into other things and particularly that we do not fall. We take for granted that all the things about us are affixed to a massive thing called the Earth. An Earth that appears to us to not be moving when in fact that too, is spinning. Because of the great distance between the Sun & Earth (93 million miles, ave.) the speed of rotation (1040 mph @ the equator) it doesn't seem that the Sun or the Earth are really moving fast at all.

What each person senses as motion, i.e. walking, riding in an auto or airplane, etc. is acceleration. This could not be more evident than when soaring in an airplane. In level flight, except for vibration, and without looking out the window, the environment is calm and quite, much like sitting at home in an easy chair. All the passengers appear to be at rest, except for the flight attendants accelerating up and down the aisles, attending passenger needs.

The human body internally has particles thrashing about. Except for an occasional gurgling stomach our innards seem quite. Externally our eyes blink but our skin, although it stretches, isn't moving all over our body. We move our arms and walk on our legs, but humans for the most part would just like to be relaxing.

Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion explain much about the dynamics of the real world. Einstein elaborated & modified Newton's conclusions in two theories, Special and General Relativity, where in we come to understand that both time & space are relative and not fixed, why our environment seems motionless in the smooth, calming, "classical" world.

That things move....that the movement in things involves change is known by humans both through perception
senses) and intuitively (self-evident). Through experiments, through reason, science has built a wealth of knowledge about the physical, chemical and biological systems of our material world of reality. They measure, record and attempt to explain the shape of things, where they come from, how they act (dynamics) and how they interact. Yet there remains much to understand as to the shape of nature and the dynamics of reality.

Solar System

Solar system consists of eight planets whose distances from the Sun are: Mercury, 36 million miles -- Venus, 37.2 million miles -- Earth, 93 million miles -- Mars, 141.6 million miles -- Jupiter, 483.6 million miles -- Saturn, 886.7 million miles -- Uranus, 1784 million miles -- Neptune, 2794.4 million miles.
Milky Way

Milky Way Galaxy: 200+ billion Stars, 100,000 light years across, Sun on outer rim. A galactic year, the time it takes for our solar system to make one revolution around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, is estimated to be around 225 to 250-million Earth-years. Relatively, taking the estimate of when our sun was created as year zero, oceans began to develop on earth after four galactic years and modern humans appeared after roughly 19.999 galactic years. Present day is considered to be about 20 galactic years.

All of the planets spin (rotate) on their axis. At the same time each planet orbits around the Sun. The Sun, with planets, rotate in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Planet Rotation Rotation around Sun
mph Planet mph
6.73 Mercury 107132
4.05 Venus 78364
1040 Earth 66641
538 Mars 53980
28325 Jupiter 29216
22892 Saturn 21565
9193 Uranus 15234
6039 Neptune 21147

The human attempt to understand Reality historically has taken
three different approaches.

Chronologically the understanding of reality began in early times when humans; seeking to understand the world around them such as birth and death, storms, natural disasters, and the appearance of animals for food and clothing; conjured up spirits and eventually gods. With the beginning of civilizations more formal religions formed, usually believing that leaders and kings were gods or represented them. Gods in the sky and on the earth eventually became supernatural and controlled these natural events and the actions around them. All powerful gods who rule over all of nature. Many of these ideas persist to the present day albeit, the ideas have been modified by the evolution of many, many religions.

In the course of human evolution, as civilization began to flourish, Greek thinkers, in an effort to further the understanding of reality, developed philosophies to enhance the perception and apprehension of reality. Although they had their gods they did not consider their leaders to be gods. Their thinking and their philosophies were profound for the times leading to better understanding of things, how they behaved, and how they interacted. Their contribution was so important that many of their concepts prevail today.

With the downfall of the Roman Empire the Western civilized world stumbled through the Middle Ages. However, all was not lost. In Eastern civilization a great deal of early knowledge prevailed, including the preservation of the Geek philosophies and the extension of knowledge in medicine, mathematics and philosophy. In India and China, advances in religion, philosophy and science continued apace. Eventually, this knowledge entered the West providing a resurgence in secular knowledge. With the birth of modern science from Galileo, around the late 16th and early 17th century, there became an awakening of interest in reality based upon the research and experimentation of the nature of the patterns and quantity of things. These efforts have continued, subdividing into the many of the scientific disciplines of today. A good deal of the principles of science are based upon the concepts from the Greek philosophers. With the explosion of science many different disciplines are providing evermore insight into reality.

Things of Reality are Dynamic Process
Where do they come from ? -----------------------What causes their movement?


From relics found, from history handed down, humans have searched for answers to the profound. What are these things that move about and where did
they come from? Religions, expressed in many ways, even to the present day, has attempted to answer these questions. The answers however, are founded in culture values with some written
in holy books and passed down through the ages. These teachings lack factual proof, but are certified to be true as based upon cultural values and the belief and faith
that religious scriptures are factual.

The bases of religion finds its premise in a Supernatural Being, gods, or ways of living, the makers
& movers of all tings In the supernatural world and in the world of human experience. Dynamic powers, with never ending dynamic existence, is believed to have inspired the writings found in the many books and cultural stories. These books, purported to be books of facts, undocumented in proofs, however, certified to be true,
correct and the real reality
because it was authoritatively recorded or because it is passed down from family and society
generation after generation.


Philosophy of Being.

This philosophy explains
the basic principles of all
things. the principles from which, through the phenomena of emergence comes substance the essence of all things that manifest as entities with attributes, according
to their Form.

Dynamics of Metaphysics

Existence - a Process
Form - a limiting Structure
Emergence - a Process
terminating as

From the conjugate pair of Existence, and the dynamic Form, the structure that
all Beings emerge. These conjugate properties determine Essence, the Nature
of all Things. Emergence, a dynamic phenomena, brings forth these root
properties and provides the dynamic that is manifested in the momentum of Reality.

A Christian Concept of God
Perfect Perfection
Absolute Existence -- Absolute Form
Perfect Essence

That which is Absolute can not Change

God Pic

Circle is to Eternity
No Beginning -- No End
Triangle is to Trinity
Equal Sides -- Equal Powers
Colors converge to blend
White Center
Manifest as Unity
Can not be Divided

Science of the TimeSpace Universe
Science, through mathematics, measures the quantities, studies the structure and explains
the motion of things in the Universe, the entity in which all things of the world exists.




Time ------Space
Time, a dynamic, metaphysically can be understood as existence. Space, a form, can be understood as the structure of the Universe
Energy Distribution


Matter Distribution

Since ancient times, humans have wondered about what makes up the Universe. The ancients described these contents as earth, air, fire or water. Only recently have scientists determined the composition.
Dark Energy


Dark Energy

Also called "Vacuum Energy", associated with the cosmological constant inherent in empty space. According to science, Dark Energy explains the accelerating expansion of space that resists the collapsing effects of gravity.
Dark Matter


Dark Matter

Hubble picture of
" Dark Matter Core"

Gravitational Lensing confirms Dark Matter. Science does not know the constituency of dark matter. They do know that it is not in the form of stars and planets that we see. It is not in the form of dark clouds of normal matter, matter made up of particles called baryons. It is not antimatter and finally, we can rule out large galaxy-sized black holes.

SpaceTime is a concept of the Universe which has come out of Einstein's two theories,
that of General Relativity and Special Rrelativity.

Spacetime In cosmology combines space and time to a single abstract Universe, a mathematical model that combine space and time into a single continuum. In this concept Spacetime is usually interpreted with space as being three dimensions and time playing the role of a fourth dimension that mathematically acts like a space dimension. Euclidean space has three dimensions, but by combining space and time into a single manifold physicists have significantly simplified a large number of physical theories and have been able to described them in a more uniform way. Thus, the workings of the universe at both the super galactic and and quantum levels have been simplified.

Quantum Micro World


Fundamental Particles
Ordinary Matter

Particle Types Attribute Interaction






(possible - identical to Neutrino)


(Force carrie particles)


3 Generations

Up -- Down

Charm -- Strange

Top -- Bottom

3 Generations




3 Generations

Electron - Neutrino

Muon - Neutrino

Tau - Neutrino




Z Boson

W Boson

Higgs (hypothetical)


Electric Charge

Color Charge

Spin 1/2


Electric Charge

No Color Charge

Spin 1/2

Mass less

No Electric Charge

Sin 1/2


Photon - Force carrier of Em

Gluon - Force carrier of Strong Force

Z & W - Force carrier of Weak Force


Em - Gr - St - Wk
Em - Gr - Wk
Gr -Wk

Interaction Abbreviation: Em - Electromagnetic
Gr- Gravity
St - Strong
Wk - Weak







Quantum Foam

Quantum Foam

In the the micro environment of the Universe, Quantum entities emerge from the Dynamic of Energy according to a variety of forms. Particles of force, matter or what ever their nature manifest according to their Form and Attributes Quantum entities emerge from the Dynamic of Energy according to a variety of forms. Particles of force, matter or what ever their nature manifest according to their Form and Attributes.
Classical Macro World of Composites

The most familiar understanding of Composites are considered to be the collection of materials that are used to make structures. Modern technology uses the strength (an attribute)of carbon fibers in the manufacture of auto and aircraft manufacturing. This, however, is not what we see and speak about in the various things that are known in the reality of real things. Most entities that humans encounter in their daily lives are composites. Entities that consists of parts that integrate structures. These entities are made up of many diverse entities, parts that go to make up an integrated thing.

All parts, as tiny as they may be in Quantum form, are particles from Energy. Energy is a unique entity that manifests as a dynamic in various forms and that emerges (E-mc2) as various particles of force and matter. Particles in their manifestation exhibit a multitude of attributes. Humans visualize things, not in the nature of their parts, but as integrated things that are permanent structures or animated entities.

Permanent structures have the characteristic of the diversity of entities, that are connected and interrelated. Animated (dynamic) entities possess a diversity of entities, that are connected, interrelated and are adaptable, there by they emerge according to the rules of complexity.

Permanent Structures
Smart Composite Car Eiffel Tower House Frame Tank
Smart Car -- Mobile Structure Eiffel Tower -- Fixed Structure House Frame -- Fixed Structure Tank -- Mobile Structure
Animated Entities
Fish Sheep People Elephant
Koi Fish Cows People Elephant

This page is but the mere introduction to the many mysteries of Reality.
Throughout the many pages of the web site we attempt to provide more insight into the wonders of the "Shape of Nature" and the Dynamics that move it.

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