Reality Roots

Conjugate Pair

Existence & Form
Time & Space
Frequency & Wavelength

Reality Roots
Shape of Nature
Nature's Symphony from the Vibrating Waves of TimeSpace
Dancing Entities to the Rhythm of Emergence
"Classical" Systems Waltzing on Space Waves Turbulent Jitterbug Particles in "Quantum" Time

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Reality Revealed
The word Reality represents the most comprehensive concept to have challenged the human mind.
Yet in its understanding lies the simplicity of perfection.

Metaphysical Philosophical Concept
Existence & FORM

Roots of Reality
Conjugate pair ubiquitous and transcendental from which all things emerge.
Real Things manifest in Reality Systems and assume their properties according to the Existence & Form of their Reality.




The Properties of a Reality System determine the Nature of the Reality

Existence & Form, a conjugate pair, are the fundamental properties of all Realities.

These properties manifest according to the Nature of a Reality



Like all Realities, The Universe Reality in which humans live comes from the conjugate pair of Existence & Form.
Time Space

These Properties manifest as Time & Space, a conjugate pair, three (3)
dimensional space
manifested over a
measured period
of time, expressed
in frequency & wavelength.




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Religion reveals "God" as a Supreme Being in an Immaterial Reality
Philosophy reveals a conjugate pair of absolute"Existence"
absolute "Form"
understood as

"Perfect Perfection"

Circle is to Eternity
No begining No End

Point is to Unity

Can not be divided

Triangle is to a
Religious Trinity
Colors unite to exhibit White

Human Material Realm of Reality

A Continuum of Three Dimensional
Time & Space
From a conjugate singularity TimeSpace
emerged the Universe.
This dynamic brought forth the essential properties of
Time & Space
together with Energy Substance.

Energy of the Universe

Dark Energy ---- Dark Matter
Ordinary Matter

The Cosmos

Unknown Realities



self contained reality, with different laws of nature and no relativistic limitations

Universe Variations

U-Shape Universe

String Theory Versions

String Theory
Superstring Theory
Bosonic String Theory
Type I string
Type II string
Heterotic string
String field theory









Dynamic of
With Essential Properties
Time, its Existence
Space, its Form (Fabric)

Energy, its Substance
the bearer of its properties
and carrier of its Attributes

What is Reality?

Webster defines “Reality” as:
“the state or quality of being real”. Hardly, do we get any clear, detailed understanding from this definition. The term reality came into usage in the English language about the year 1550 as having meaning in legal matters to define fixed property. It was not until 1647 that the term took on the meaning of “real existence”.

Expanding upon the definition above, one might say that reality is the collective state of everything that exists, as it exists in its momentum, independent of an observer; whether or not it is observable or comprehensible; or may appear in human experience; or may be visualized in the human mind. From this premise we can conclude that reality is the collective existence of all things understood as a single continuing occurrence. From questioning adults point of view, it is simply each adults perception of an identical continuing existence of the real as it exits in each individuals reality.. However, this explanation also fails to answer the question, “What is Reality”?

Through the course of history humans have labored to understand the causes, the laws, the results, the dynamics, the phenomena of collective events that have directed existence through Time & Space. “Reality Roots”, examines three approaches to the understanding of reality, “Religion”, “Science” &. “Philosophy”, our primary focus to understand the Shape of Nature and movement of things.


Conjugate Pair
Time & Space


Big Bang
From the singularity
To manifest in the Energy of Space & Time

Reality brings to bear
many questions about human
life and all the the matter contained in the Universe.
Among the most important questions are..............

"What is it to be real?"
" Is reality of more than one kind?"
"are there others among us?"
" Why do we call a thing, a being?"
" What is change?"
"What is perfection?"
"Can there be Perfect Perfection?"
"What is the difference between TimeSpace & SpaceTime?"
"What is Relativity?"
"Practical Knowledge?"
"What is Gravity?"
" The 4 other forces?"
"Matter &
............. and many more.

Join us in this journey in our
attempt to answer some of the puzzling questions.

The What, The How, The Why
What are the things in human reality?
How do they work, their causes
and effects?
Why? This, the most puzzling of all.





Contents in
70 % Dark energy
26 % Dark Matter
4 % Ordinary Matter of
SpaceTime Environment






 When er' I gaze into the sky
Such wonder there --the reason why
And why the sun, will rise then die
Each day comes night, they say goodbye

Morning dawns, with a new daybreak
Sun to fill with colors to rake
Across the sky, such beauty make
Then darkness comes, to overtake

The sun at noon, it brings a heat
Filtered through clouds -- not overheat
To warm the day, we each entreat
Flowers alike --they smell so sweet

Each afternoon, follows sunset
The sun this day --it paid its debt
And now to set, with no regret
Streaks of yellow, in silhouette

The sky is dark, no longer blue
Then stars arrive, in time to view
Arranged as though, to be in queue
Awaiting now, for their preview

The galaxies --they exemplify
They reach --they streak, across the sky
God's universe in vast supply
I wish I knew --I wonder why?


The comparisons presented in Reality Roots can change your
understanding of the Shape of Nature.
  It would be presumptuous to think that Reality Roots has
all the correct answers and all the logical arguments.
Rather we hope to discus aspects of reality which you may not have considered,
or found the urge to dig out of the many books written on this subject.

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