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Reality Roots
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All Entities (units known as Beings, Things) of the Universe, regardless as to their nature, simple as quarks or electrons -- fundamental particles of matter or composites consisting of multiple parts (particles or other composites) come from the principles of reality roots, carried by the principle of substance. From these principles they possess existence and form. Each unique fundamental particle or composite individual unit are real by its act-of-existence and its structured,Form, as determined by Substance's attributes to deliniate the Entities Essence. Each unit is manifested as an Entity. Humans experience these manifestations as an effect,  i.e. houses, men, women, DNA, water, etc.





Entities are the Things in a reality, Beings. In the process of knowledge we come to know and understand these entities, both by their properties and their attributes as real. Initially through intuition from the principles of "Identity" & "Non-contradiction" does the learning process begin. By stimulation of our senses do we perceive, first through touch and sounds, early in our mother's womb. More rapidly after birth, significantly with sight and hearing, lesser with taste and smell, does consciousness make us aware of ourselves and the external things about us. Thus, consciousness is enabled by perception, imagination, reason and discursive volition (choice), conditioned by emotions, to store images in memory as experiences, updated each moment of life, mostly in our waking hours, even in our dreams. (see Knowledge)  

An Entity by definition is "some-thing" that exists by itself.  Entity, the word, is generally used to mean a being, that is, a thing, whether or not the reference has material existence. In this reference Entity refers to "non-corporal form" or a form that lacks physical structure, such as a language, abstractions and objects of the mind. It is often also used to refer to what some folks believe are ghosts and other spirits, i.e. Angels.

Following the premise of "reality roots", consideration will be limited to Entities that are understood as real material things or immaterial entities of the mind.  How these Entities influence ("Shape Nature"),in the Universe is of prime concern. No consideration will be given  to a class of immaterial (Spiritual) Entities--see "Theory of Everything'.

From the mysterious mystery of the nature of three principles (Existence -- Essence -- Substance) do all Entities phenomenally emerge. Each Entity, unique by its own "act of existence, determined by its own "form", and distinct in its modified  "essence" by its "attributes" do all things come together to constitute a reality of which is the TimeSpace reality we call the Universe. To the extent that each human perceives and experiences each entity of their life time experiences, collectively they may be considered an individual's reality. Within comprehensive totality, all real Entities collectively, are what is known as the Reality we call the Universe.

But what do we mean by manifested?

By definition manifested is stated, "clearly apparent or obvious to the mind or senses". Thus we come to know Entities of the Universe, material things, apparent to our senses. However, the principles from which these material things emerge and are manifested in our mind, that is, with regard to their existence and form, come about in our mind intuitively, not through our senses.

This, however, is only part of the story. Roots tells us that all things come from two (2) a conjugate pair, Existence and Form (existence's structure). What is apparent through our senses regarding material things, expresses intuitively the the material's Existence. The conjugate member of the pair (Form) expresses the Structure of the Entity, while Substance carries forth these two (2) properties contributing unique attributes to manifest the Essence of the Entity.

More concisely we can describe the coming forth on an Entity from Roots through the principle of Substance as: "The physical (material) substance manifested as a being, a thing, whose properties come from its roots to manifest its Essence according to Substance as modified by its uniques attributes". In the TimeSpace reality the effect is the manifestation of the material thing whose substance is energy. The Universe is fundamentally "ENERGY". Energy exhibts various forms possessing a variety of attributes.

How does manifested Energy become Matter?

Einstein famous equation (E=mc2) expresses the equivalence of Energy & Matter. The Science section of this web site is devoted to the many aspects of Matter in a frenzy of activity. Quantum theory studies the activity of energy and particle emergence and decay and the many attributes manifested as particle "Spin", "Color" & "Electric" charge, "Anti-Particle", "Mass", etc.

Examples of Entities

An Entity can be as small as a Quark, an Electron, an Atom or a Molecule. It can be as large as a Planet, a Star or a Galaxy. Science measures, categorizes, and classifies Entities according to physical, chemical or biological systems.

strep pyramid neuron saturn Atom
Staphylococcus's Pyramid Neuron Saturn Atom
eiffel_tower human_cell cavrman blood_cell gate_way
Eiffel Tower Human Cell Caveman Blood Cell Gateway to West

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